Happy Independence Day to Pakistan.

Happy #Independence #Day to #Pakistan.
Close the Distance, Share the Happiness, Joy and Independence with your Family and Friends in Pakistan with Amantel.

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Amantel released Android app for free international calling

Whether to call or send messages, you have to spend money for it. Thus we usually do limited calls and text to our family and friends. But with latest technology companies produces different amazing applications with prominent features. Having such excellent app in mobile phone provide free calling service and send messages, text and emoticons.

Now Amantel new app for Android phone is available and can be freely downloaded. It including all features and benefits which leads you to make free calls to other Amantel App users, And cheap calls in case of other mobile or land-line phones. Now this Android app is available for the users who are awaiting so long.

Amantel Android app Quality features

  • Free calling from Amantel to Amantel App users world wide
    When you far away from your people then its obvious to connect with them via message, calls or video chat. Is that fine with the original international calling rates? No, it is so expensive and having ton of burden on you by paying costly bills. Amantel android App connects other user having same app . This app has been facilitates for free calls when one Amantel user calls to another Amantel user through installed app in their mobile.
  • Cheap international calls & free messaging
    In cooperate world businessmen do business all over the world,students studies overseas, travellers roaming around the world. All this need to call and messages. Amantel App able to exchange the messages all over the world without expanding money. While using pinless service through cheap international calling, users can do cheap calls at lower rates.
  • Call availability with HD sound quality via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G
    Users never prefer the services having frequent call drops, harsh and rough sound quality and low bandwidth signals. We provide high definition quality sound, that outcomes while calling, no matter how far you call. Also features like group chat, send photos and emoticons has been there.
  • Earn FREE Credits
    During pinless dialing the call cost are much more cheaper than usual international calling rates but what if you have a chance to make calls more cheaper. Yes on sharing Amantel app with your friends, colleagues, batch-mates and relatives via SMS, mail or any social media then you can earn “FREE Credits”!! After sharing app, the tracking system tracks the persons who get successful in their task and earn free Credits automatically in your account. It gives a chance to earn more or more credits in an account.
  • Balance Sharing
    It is a great feature which is being introduced by amantel Tech. Team in the new updated version of android app. Now you can help your people when they urgently need balance in their Amantel account. Amantel app has Balance sharing option that helps to transfer the desired amount of money in its account.

After installing it, Your contact list will be shown in the Application’s screen. You can enjoy free calling/SMS or paid calling/SMS through this application. By choosing Local Access Number you can call anyone in the world through the balance of your PIN number. Or if somebody has the same application in his/her Android phone, you can enjoy the facilities of Free Calls/SMS. Rate Checker screen of this App provides the access of calling rates (cheap international calling rates) for different countries.


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Cheap calls to Sri Lanka, Enjoy the FIFA World Cup with family regardless staying abroad!!

So what if I was not able to go and watch Live football world cup. Since I lived abroad, I enjoyed the whole match with my brother on phone calls at very low cost price. With lot of down and up lifts in FIFA matches, it was difficult to predict which teams took the trophy. This whole month of football festive season was so interesting from the previous ones.

As you might be know the Brazil organizes the FIFA world cup 2014. We watched the matches on tv and discussed about consequences or predicted results which gave us the excitement during the whole discussion with my brother. Even I had a bet with him that Germany won the final match against their competitor teams.

Along with it, this football world cup season gave unbelievable shocks that would be hard for fans to digest and even for us also. Spanish team, the world champions in 2010 lost the match 1-0 by Holland in their first match of the 2014 World Cup in the Brazilian city of Salvador. On another hand Brazil get defeated by a huge score of Germany as 7-1. German players looked more energetic and powerful than Brazilian. Reason behind it, was the injury of Neymar caused accidentally done by the Juan Camilo Zúñiga. Referee declare this misfortune to be a foul. In the end the final match was play between Germany and Argentina teams. Both teams gave toughest competition at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro July 13, 2014. And yes Germany snatched the 4th world cup Crown by 1-0 and won against Argentina. With this Germany become the first European country to win the tournament in Latin America.

Isn’t this world cup is the best fifa world cup ever in the past tournaments as well as interesting for discussion. You might be think that how could this possible for me to talk so long on phones in such expensive phase of international calling. Amantel calling services provide the cheap calls to Sri Lanka at very low cost price. Any time whenever I need to call my brother in Sri Lanka, I did without having the problems like huge bills, drop calls and quality voice.

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Asia Calling Cards – Businessmen do cheap international calls to India

For migrators, calling outside the country is usual either it is expensive or not. But when service provider companies are there to sort out the problems regarding to expensive calls then to prefer cheap international calling is the best choice.

Now-days Company get more focused towards the reliableness of customers services. Either it would be product service or a calling service. Major companies follow the principle in which they offer customers to talk more. As we can see from the last few years there has a boom of companies who provide opportunity to make cheap calls to international. With access provided number customers can make the calls.

All this can only possible through because of vast development in tel-communication sector globally. Generally it gives ease to people to move towards new countries according to their desire. Economical changes somewhat move people to abroad in search for better opportunities. With increase in competition, people get more aware. They can easily adapt the environment and try to earn more from over-there.

Now Call India @ 1 cent/min from USA and Canada

Millions of people live across the world comes from different countries to make their carrier opportunities, for jobs and business purpose. There are lots of customer who calls India from USA and Canada. But among this you never want to talk away to your relatives or friends. This only the reason one can always look for the cheap calling services

Generally peoples get hit by costly bills, when they make international phone calls on regular basis through traditional phone facilities. Available professional companies on internet offer services and helps to make cheap calls wherever they want. You have to setup your account first, dial a phone number with provided instructions.

Cheap calls to India certainly get enjoyed by prepaid calling card service having pinless service. It becomes popular very fast and there is no roaming and hidden charge. Through this How easily customers enjoy the conversation with their friends and family members back to India when they are far-far way from them.

Most promising fact is that businessmen are more blissful with this service. They need to do daily tasks subsequently most important calls to another countries for business point of view. Parallel to this they need to contact persons. At this perspective cheap international calling save your money. One more advantage comes also with this service is Eco-friendly with environment. There are so many options available today, choose the best which suits you after proper estimation.

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Celebrate this Fathers Day with Amantel !

If you are waiting for fathers day then its no so far. On this upcoming third Sunday of June i.e. 15 June, 2014. Our society give equally importance to fathers and honored them by celebrating fathers day. Its gives chance to strong your paternal bond.

Fathers day celebration doesn’t means only to send gifts him in myriad manner. Its time to think deeply and do something unique for him, after all he is your lifetime hero since from your childhood. Realize him that affection and love which you have been taken for so many years. For the time whenever we needed a friend, mentor, friend or counselor! He always be there to help us. Dads are always fit themselves in idol frames and that’s why we are trying to make ourselves same as him.

On this fathers day get 10 % extra minutes to wish your dad with his special day!!

Somehow many of us send gifts through which some of them pass the hidden message or some used to surprise him instantly. Besides all this, if you have time then you should call him and talk for a while. It is more than enough and will definitively works. Fathers day offers few minutes that express your in depth feelings towards your dad. Fatherhood is really a tough job that never ends. We have proud and feeling great to celebrate this special day. Wish all fathers to “Happy Father Day”.

Amantel offers 10% extra minutes on your prepaid calling card on fathers day by using coupon code as MY-DAD. This offer is valid from June 13th to June 15th, 2014. Lets enjoy the offer with long distance calling and celebrate fathers day.

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No more Enthusiastic international calling to Kenya!

If you’re still in worried to making calls to Kenya then you are in big trouble. You need a guidance that sort out your queries regarding to Calling Kenya. The cheap international calls to Kenya is not much complicated as it seems. Searching for perfect calling cards with low call rates and limited best plan service are always their to help us. No more high rates, neither expensive calls nor stuck budget would irritate you.







Have a look with this precise helpful guide “How To Call Kenya” below.

To call Kenya from USA and Canada, keep in mind the basic instructions before using calling card:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • After this dial 254, the country code for Kenya.
  • Then dial the 2-digit area code and finally the destination or phone number.

Your dialing format should look like this. 011+254+Area-code+Phone-number.
Here is the list of some major city area access codes.

Bungoma 55
Nairobi 20
Kitale 54
Malindi 42
Mombasa 11
Garissa 46

Now you can stay in touch with your families and friends with the help of Amantel services. Through your mobile and landlines you can call anywhere. Able to do long calls whenever they want. With every call no additional extra charge is applicable for you. Transparency has to be there to avoid confusion.

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Calling Cards To India – Provide Low Cost Solution For Long Distance Call Barrier

Through many leaps and bounds, the telecoms industry move ahead with advanced technology. Long distance calls are much expensive when you call from a mobile carrier. To overcome the barrier of high rate call cost for long distance calls, cheap calling cards are the best option for you!

Living abroad doesn’t mean that you can spend all your precious money just by calling back to your family and friends. Numerous ways that can help to make cheap calls to India, but to choose the best calling service is most important.

Calling cards to India

Now the Indians have started performing great in almost every field, this led them to work and relocate in different countries of world. Somehow, it makes them far away from their native country. But after all the convenience of best calling card to India provide the chance to get always connected with the friends and family.

India Calling card rates are cheap as comparable to other local service provider or telephone operators. So wherever you are, you always get in touch with the associated people in India. India calling card facilitates calls from USA and Canada to any state of India. With a predefined limit plan that comes in your budget would never take you in risk of costly bills. With so many benefits accomplish with the calling card, customers can easily utilize the services without worrying about high call rates.

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Top Free Calling Apps for Android

Long distance calls are often be the reason of extra expenses. Whether you make calls or receive it , you must hit by huge phone bills. There are several ways to avoid the extra expenditure on international calls like using prepaid calling cards. But the point is that you want to save your money as well as time. So recently we have a better option for you to get recharge your card in efficient manner by using the Calling apps.

Some most popular calling apps for android are always available for your service.

Skype is usually used for messaging or even calling over a computer. Mobile and system apps has been released by many companies to use free calling. Now it is possible to call any phone or any mobile provides free service those have Skype. Skype is the Biggest VoIP company in the world. However charging calls are high that’s why users ready to pay the subscription fee in each month.

Mobile VoIP can only work efficiently when you have strong fast connection. By setting up your account you can use the cheap calling service. Since sometimes users have been complained about the frequent drop calls.

Fring app has wide communication services, it means this app used for dual purpose. On one hand it does voice calls while another side video calling facility is also available. This app lets you connect to Google Talk as well as your phone book that makes you talk with friends and family simultaneously.

Nimbuzz is a vast used app for cheap mobile call services and texts. It support many platforms of social media like facebook, Myspace and many more. One can make free calls, once Nimbuzz app has been download in their mobile. That helps to do free texts, free video chat, photo and music sharing. Also it works almost every mobile that opt the O.S. like Android, iPhone blackberry and even Java apps too.

Viber is one of the most straightforward free call apps of your android which scans your phone book or contact, connects you the Viber users without using any email verifications. Customers send regular messages, send emails and do calls from Viber. The best part of this app is voice call quality with no lags.

Amantel app has latest features of android in the customers phone card. This friendly application makes cheap international calls. Through this app your pin gets automatically recharge before your balance drops below a low value. The cheap calling service catches the attention of customers by using this app service. After all everyone want to keep in touch with their family and friends.

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Memorial Day offers, Get up to 10% extra minutes!

Memorial Day has been formally determined on the last Monday of may. Its also known as  Decoration day. For a weekend schools, businesses, government offices and other organization are closed. Traditionally it starts with the summer season.

Formerly a day in which we memorize the brave men and women, who gave their life for the nation while they were in military service. Many people visit the cemeteries and memorials on Memorial day from the united state as well from other countries. Usually many people plans to go on short vacation to visit their family and friends home.

Get up to 10 % extra minutes on Memorial day
Memorial Day offers the chance which diminish the distance between the people whom you send the message, just by calling on memorial day.  Amantel certainly offer stack coupons that offers amazing extra free minutes in minimum purchase with extra minutes on long distance calling from USA and Canada.

Suppose someone recharge the pin with $30 then their account is automatically recharged with 7% of extra free minutes. This offer is valid only from 23rd may to 26th of may. The coupon code you have to use is MEMO-14. With this features you surely get benefits during international calls.

Take some time to remember those soldiers who died for the country (USA) that give us a freedom life. Wish you all Happy Memorial Day!


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Keep your calling expenses under control with cheap international calling services

International calling services offers at very low rates with the use of Prepaid international cards. With best and cheap calling plans customers would call anywhere in the world from USA and Canada. People enjoy international calls with ease and comfort as compare to earlier days as services include extra features.

Are you doing frequently international calls to your family, friends or your loved ones? And somewhere feels haunting by huge calling charges of phone bills. If yes! Then let your tension go with us. In recent days you can make cheap calls world widely without concern about time duration. Amantel provides cheap international calling system to make low cheap calls within your budget limit.

To make International calls earlier was not easy-to-use. Economically this world is becoming steeper day by day which causes most of people generally care about their financial account and seeking the different ways to reduce expenditure cost. But although among all this now you can relief because while prices of almost everything going upwards, billing of international calls goes down as compare to before days. Customers who already use the service are thankful to this special technology called international calling system.

Internet facilities and advancement in technology has created many opportunities to reduce your valuable expenses spend on international calls. Today there are many ways to make cheap international calls either you use smart phones or conventional cellular or land-line subscriber. You have to intelligently choose the service given by companies.

Amantel provides international calling cards that enable you to make cheap calls at very affordable rates. We offer prepaid phone cards and best international calling rates to make cheap calls with PinLess Dialing. However the low call rates may vary from source country to destination country. Amantel makes cheap and best international calls to different countries from United States and Canada. There is no need to purchase physical calling cards, with premium quality calling cards customers do domestic as well as international calls at low rates.

 Our salient features offers best services ever!

  • Hotline feature extracts number of steps means get easily connect your international call without dialing Pin number, Destination number. Just call that given hotline number which is earlier attached with your destination number.
  • With Amantel.com Auto-Recharge feature facilities to credit your pin with predefined amount as soon as it goes below a threshold amount.
  • Also you will get 5% free minutes on auto recharge of $10 or above.
  • Amantel referral program : By refer your friends you earn 10% free minutes in your account.

AmantelWith amantel.com always keep in touch with your family, friends and moreover important for business purpose. If you are looking for the best ways to get cheap international calls then go with Amantel services once. Always ready to provide facility at any time whether you call from USA and Canada to India or any other countries. 

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