Keep your calling expenses under control with cheap international calling services

International calling services offers at very low rates with the use of Prepaid international cards. With best and cheap calling plans customers would call anywhere in the world from USA and Canada. People enjoy international calls with ease and comfort as compare to earlier days as services include extra features.

Are you doing frequently international calls to your family, friends or your loved ones? And somewhere feels haunting by huge calling charges of phone bills. If yes! Then let your tension go with us. In recent days you can make cheap calls world widely without concern about time duration. Amantel provides cheap international calling system to make low cheap calls within your budget limit.

To make International calls earlier was not easy-to-use. Economically this world is becoming steeper day by day which causes most of people generally care about their financial account and seeking the different ways to reduce expenditure cost. But although among all this now you can relief because while prices of almost everything going upwards, billing of international calls goes down as compare to before days. Customers who already use the service are thankful to this special technology called international calling system.

Internet facilities and advancement in technology has created many opportunities to reduce your valuable expenses spend on international calls. Today there are many ways to make cheap international calls either you use smart phones or conventional cellular or land-line subscriber. You have to intelligently choose the service given by companies.

Amantel provides international calling cards that enable you to make cheap calls at very affordable rates. We offer prepaid phone cards and best international calling rates to make cheap calls with PinLess Dialing. However the low call rates may vary from source country to destination country. Amantel makes cheap and best international calls to different countries from United States and Canada. There is no need to purchase physical calling cards, with premium quality calling cards customers do domestic as well as international calls at low rates.

 Our salient features offers best services ever!

  • Hotline feature extracts number of steps means get easily connect your international call without dialing Pin number, Destination number. Just call that given hotline number which is earlier attached with your destination number.
  • With Auto-Recharge feature facilities to credit your pin with predefined amount as soon as it goes below a threshold amount.
  • Also you will get 5% free minutes on auto recharge of $10 or above.
  • Amantel referral program : By refer your friends you earn 10% free minutes in your account.

AmantelWith always keep in touch with your family, friends and moreover important for business purpose. If you are looking for the best ways to get cheap international calls then go with Amantel services once. Always ready to provide facility at any time whether you call from USA and Canada to India or any other countries. 

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Happy Gurpurab from Amantel. Get 20% Extra Minutes use Coupon Code {GURU-2013}.

Love, Blessings and Greetings for this Auspicious Occasion.Happy Gurpurab from Amantel.

Get 20% Extra Minutes use Coupon Code {GURU-2013}.

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Amantel festival offer Get 20% Extra Minutes worldwide!

Amantel has launched unique consumer offers during this festival period from 11th October to 13 October 2013 (20% Extra Minutes using coupon code DGRA-20). As this festival is getting nearer, all service provider and companies have started offering discounts on their products. Navratri is an auspicious festival that brings along with it moments of redundant emotions that are dedicated to pay devotion towards the Hindu deity “Durga”. The word “Navratri” is a Sanskrit word signifying nine nights. Through out the celebration, Goddess of power is worshiped in the form of Maa Durga for first three days, Lakshmi for next three days and Saraswati for the last three days. This holy festival marks the victory of purity and dignified power over impure and dissipated power.

Amantel festival offer Get 20% Extra Minutes worldwide! I mean really really low rates that will allow you to make ultra-cheap international calls.

New call rates after using coupon Code (DGRA-20)

Traveling is nice, but being homesick is not. For those tiny moments when you get tired of exploring a new destination missing your family and loved ones so there is a solution Amantel ! calling cards has lot of advantage for you since it will help you to save your time as well as your money. You have the time and chance to compare the rates and facilities provided by different providers. You can get smashing calling rates with the most affordable calling app, wherever you are. There are numerous websites, which offer their customers the facility of getting talk time in just seconds. Their services are too feasible and convenient of users.

If your are looking for a way to reduce the money that you spend on your phone calls then the best way to do it is to buy the international calling cards from Amantel. Calling cards are great Services for keeping in touch with family,friends,relatives and business partners worldwide, but many people who make frequent international calls get tired of dialing their pin numbers. There are workarounds, like storing the pin number in your phone’s speed dial, but they usually compromise your card’s security and just don’t save that much time. Opting to buy calling card online is easy and is in fact very safe hence Cheap International Phone Calls from your Mobile or Landline.

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International calling from USA and Canada to Afghanistan is now more cheap and easy

Amantel allows you to make cheap international calls from USA and Canada to Afghanistan, You don’t need to go the shops to buy calling cards just visit ( Select your plans place order and start calling to any mobile or Landline Numbers. Amantel offer best international calling service for you if you want to make cheap international calls from USA and Canada to Afghanistan on any Mobile or Landline Phone. Just visit ( place order and make cheap international calls.

With Amantel you can make huge savings on making cheap calls to your friends and family in Afghanistan with our best service that can be used from any phone. This service allows you to make cheap international calls to Afghanistan from home, from work and from your mobile too. Amantel make cheap calls to Afghanistan from USA and Canada cost just 16.9 cent/min, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Make a cheap call to Afghanistan with a provider that is not only cheap, but who also provides a supper class voice quality and telecommunication service and with no expensive calling card required.

Amantel offers different calling plans to call Afghanistan. If you are used to the traditional calling cards, perhaps calling via one of our calling cards will be more convenient to you. We offers easy way to purchase and recharge your calling plans in this case you do not need to go any calling cards shop. Amantel is an independent long distance international calling service provider, this allows us to offer you a choice of calling plans for making cheap mobile calls to Afghanistan @ 16.9 cent/min.

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Celebrate this weekend from 20 to 22 September 2013 with Amantel.

This weekend is a best opportunity to unlimited talk with your family, friends and loved ones living abroad. It is a super cheap offer to call from USA and Canada to all over the World. And calling Pakistan with 5% free minutes using Coupon Code [PAK-FREE].

Just create new account or recharge your Amantel account using Coupon Code [UPTO-10] and we will add upto 10% more free minutes.

Click Here to Get it Now

We hope everybody enjoys their weekend celebrations!

For Latest News and Discount Coupon “Like us” on Facebook and share this offer with all your friends.

To save money on your everyday local and international calling and keep in touch with family, friends, work colleagues and business partners. Visit Amantel to see our lowest calling rates and plans

This offer starts on September 20th and ending 22nd September 2013.

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Making Frequent Cheap International Calling with Prepaid Cards

Telephonic communication is considered as one of the best communication mediums available. It has become very cheap and versatile medium to be connected to loved ones. It offers a direct and fast connection to the people all over the world.

There is no barrier today, for staying connected with the people abroad. However, sometimes a telephone call becomes very essential in case of urgent situations and for this you definitely need to place in a call to your friends or relatives who are living in overseas countries.

There are global calling services which allow you to call India from USA and vice versa at cheap and reasonable rates. This way, you can keep in touch easily and conveniently. Anybody living in USA, who wants to call India at cheap rates, will find these services very useful. Children studying in USA can connect to their parents and friends in India with affordable prepaid calling cards.

There are many people from Pakistan, who are staying in USA because of business purposes and they frequently call to Pakistan. Cheap international calling cards helping them reduce the phone bills and connect at once. Their availability and rates are handsome and people never frustrated making international calling. With the help of these international phone cards you will never be far away with your family and friends.

The size of the world has reduced due to the limitless globalization. This has virtually brought the nations together. Traveling and transportation is very easy and speedy. In order to enjoy the array of facilities bequeathed all you need is to visit the website and make the choice which suits you better. There, you can find various calling choices according to a specific country or plan. This choice depends on the cost of the card, the call rates and brand reliability.

In the wake of increasing demands for the cheap calling cards across the world there are many websites specifically launched that provide array of jaw dropping offers to the customers. But it is beneficial for a customer to compare and analyze the call rates offered by a company and their transaction details also. Sometimes, you can come across irrelevant and unsafe websites. You can get some reviews and feedbacks from customers to a particular website.

Prepaid calling cards to India, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and any other countries are also beneficial to those, visiting abroad for short term. There are many people among us, who visit abroad for plenty of reasons including company meeting, tours, meeting friends and relatives etc. Prepaid phone cards are available to you through many websites and you need not go any shop, just clicking a website and entering the required information, you can avail their calling services.

About Author the cheap and best international calling service provider company offer international calling services with cheapest phone calling cards to India, cheap calling to Pakistan, international calling nepal, calling Bangladesh and cheap international calls to Sri Lanka.

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Get 5% Free Minutes from Amantel – Happy Labor Day

Happy Friday everyone! Forget all the bad things you’ve encountered this week and have a great weekend.

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Let’s celebrate peace. Let’s celebrate unity. Let’s celebrate freedom! Happy Independence Day Pakistan.

Let’s celebrate peace. Let’s celebrate unity. Let’s celebrate freedom! Happy Independence Day Pakistan.

Call Pakistan and Get up to 200 FREE MINUTES! Coupon Code (PAK-FREE)

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Happy Independence Day – Call India and Get 5% EXTRA MINUTES

Let’s celebrate the freedom with Amantel !
Happy Independence Day – Call India and Get 5% EXTRA MINUTES
Coupon Code (FREEDOM-15)

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Accept Our deep heart prayers for you and your family successful life on this day of Eid.

Eid is coming and we are making our full preparations for you to spend your time and share this beautiful day with Your Loved Once Get 10% Free Minutes from Amantel.
“Coupon Code – EID-13″
**Wish you a sweet day – Happy EID**

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